Based on what I observed in the movie “Spotlight”, in my opinion, Sacha Pfeiffer showed multiple qualities of being a great journalist. The first reason I feel this way is because she was very kind and understanding to the first person she interviewed. Unlike Rezendes who had a very pushy and agressive style of interviewing people, Sacha was more friendly and comforting. The first man she interviewed was clearly very nervous about the meeting and she handled the interview very well, making him feel comfortable and more relaxed, which is a hard thing to accomplish when you are dealing with such a sensitive subject, such as the sexual abuse of children. I feel like he would have not given her as detailed and descriptive information about his sexual abuse if she had been stone cold and impersonal.

Sacha also showed she was a great journalist when she went to go question on of the priests that was accused of sexually abusing young children, when he gave her somewhat shocking information (immediately admitting guilt and trying to justify his behavior by saying he did not enjoy it) she made sure to try and clarify that what he was saying was true by repeating the question multiple times and making him repeat his answer as well. She also created follow up questions in a fairly quick fashion in the short amount of time she had, even though she was stopped by the priest’s sister before she could really get a lot of answers.

My third reason is that Sacha Pfeiffer kept her work life and home life very seperate. Although she did not accompany her grandmother to mass anymore I do not remember her ever telling her grandmother why not or shaming her grandmother for going. She recognized that this was a touchy subject for Catholics in her area and was respectful while still pursuing information against the Catholic church. I feel like this would be a difficult thing to keep bottled up inside especially after they found out that 6 percent of priests, about 90 in total, were abusing children in their area.

I do not think that Sacha was better than all the reporters, I thought they were all amazing at their job and I thought that Rezentes strategy worked for the people he was interviewing, but over all I favored Sacha the most. If I had to be involved in something like this I would try to be as understanding as she was.


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